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Ready for the island?

Favignana is a very small island in the Sicilian sea that fortunately not everyone knows. Only those who have been there once know what it really is to live here for summer months. For example the young team of SottoSale. Not only is there a lot of work going on here (hey, we're not in the mass tourism town of Adria!), there's also a lot of splashing around. Too beautiful, too special is Favignana not to enjoy it a bit. Probably you have never heard of the "Cala Azzurra di Favignana" or the "Cala Rossa di Favignana" - then "google" just afterwards. Imagine hanging out there during the day and working at the island's hippest restaurant in the evening. As a cook, as a waiter, as a Feel Good Manager. Are you ready for your personal adventure on Favignana? Then come to SottoSale - we'll also make sure you're doing really well here in Favignana! Promise!

One team!

  • Francesco Balzani

  • Maria Luisa Costa

  • Yuji Soma

  • Marco Di Iulio

  • Bianca Puppo

  • Davide Cusmancino

  • Sara Stefanolo

  • Laura Giudice

  • Francesco Rabuano

  • Singh Gojinder

  • Nicole Bonelli

  • Marco Pacelli

  • Gaia Fiori

  • Asaduzzaman Kazi

  • Salvatore Navetta

  • Pietro Cannizzaro

  • Michela Mansueto

  • Riccardo Benvenuti

  • Sara Cattaneo

  • what's your name?

  • Zahiduzzaman Kazi

  • Alberto Grammatico

  • Stefano Grieco

You'll see, a summer 
on Favignana remains unforgotten!

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